Models and Components for Semantic Web Service Discovery
and Composition Based on Soft Computing Techniques and Methodologies





The primary objective of this project is to build up alternative models and approaches for the Semantic Web Service usage process based on investigation and the application of soft computing techniques as well as Automatic Control (Control Theory) methods to special phases of the Semantic Web Service cycle.


The Semantic Web Service area deals with hard semantics in the description and manipulation of crisp data. It does not have the capability to process soft semantics. As long as it will be used bivalent-based logical methods there will be no progress in handling ill-structured, uncertain and imprecise information, frequently encountered in real world knowledge.


At present there exist several initiatives in the Semantic Web Service area, whereas the WSMO, the OWL-S as well as the RDF-S stream might be the more effective ones. In this initiatives the use of formally and crisply defined ontologies and the use of crisp descriptions languages as well as F-Logic and FOL has to be stated. The initiatives do not consider sufficiently the implicitly given non-precision and non-accuracy of real world scenarios and applications.


The investigation, research and application work of the current project will comprise a set of soft computing methods and Automatic Control techniques: Fuzzy Logic methods (Fuzzy Control), Fuzzy Description Logic and Inferencing, Approximate Reasoning techniques, methods exploiting Implicit Semantics and Automatic Control techniques like cascaded control loops (composed services) closed loop based fault detection.


It will be investigated in which degree this methods and techniques can be applied to the Semantic Web Service cycle.

 The investigation and software realisation efforts will be specifically focused on operations in Semantic Web Service discovery and selection as well as in data / process mediation operations in Semantic Web Service composition.


The objectives for this project are to investigate and to develop a modeling framework and to achieve by system level integration of software components for Semantic Web Service discovery, composition and mediation.